Balancing Temperature Around Your House

Do you notice an uneven temperature in your home? One room is warmer than the other, or it is the coolest among every room.

No matter how you set your thermostat, you always have temperature variations in your house, which isn’t usual at all.

It can be annoying and uncomfortable and, while these temperature imbalances are frustrating, they may be warning signs of much larger issues. So what are the reasons leading to this issue, and what can you do to fix it?

This problem can surface because of several factors: air duct issues, dirty air filters, open windows, and closed vents. With these and other issues, you do not necessarily have to replace your HVAC system right away, but there are tips you can apply for a balanced temperature in your home-sweet-home.

Keep the vents clear: 

Locate the air vents in your rooms and see to it that pieces of furniture and other stuff aren’t blocking them. We tend to forget the importance of giving space to vents, which mainly affects your indoor airflow, eventually leading to uneven warmth or cold in your rooms. The buildup of dust and dirt can also be a blockage to efficient airflow from vents. Get a vacuum and start to clean that dirt away. You can also redirect your air to specific areas by partially closing some vents. Less air can escape partially closed vents, and the air will turn itself through the path of least resistance.

Inspect your air ducts get them cleaned: 

Leakage in your ducts can cause air not to reach where it’s supposed to head. Holey and damaged ducts can make your HVAC work double, wears it, then unnecessarily increasing your power consumption. You can clean it yourself, but it is best to get it inspected by a professional because you might end up dislodging debris and bringing allergens into your home that weren’t previously a problem.

Keep the fan on at all times:

Homeowners prefer setting the fan in “auto.” However, even if this option is much more cost-effective, there is no heating and cooling distribution because you are using less energy. Once the thermostat senses the desired temperature, the fan stops moving air to other home areas. Keeping the fan on creates an even distribution of heating and cooling. It circulates the air when you have cold or hot spots in your house, like a bedroom above a garage. Less frequent cycles between on and off the fan can reduce the startup’s stress and potentially extend its lifespan.

Opt to use a smart thermostat: 

A smart thermostat, also known as a communicating thermostat, allows you to set up automated and programmable temperature settings depending on daily schedules, weather conditions, and heating and cooling needs. The thing that makes this thermostat advantageous is its ability to learn your household’s patterns and adjust warmth and coldness according to when you occupy it or if it is about to. This technology reduces heating and cooling systems use and energy when nobody is home for significant periods.

Check your insulation:

Proper insulation will help you keep the desired temperature in your house, shielding it from rough coldness in winter and excess heat during summer. If there are areas with faulty insulation, then for sure, there would be temperature variations. You can hire a professional to do an evaluation, and they will help find any problems with your insulation. 

Install window coverings to prevent heat:

Whether it’s a pair of drapes hung to frame a stunning view or a cheery striped awning floating above a picture window, you often dress up your windows for beauty rather than function. However, with the right materials and proper placement, these decorations might lower your monthly energy bills and help you balance your temperature at home. Your windows have an impact on the comfort level in each room. Windows without drapes, blinds, and shades can warm a room faster before a thermostat has the time to turn on and add relief.

If you did your all to the best of your ability yet temperature balancing in your home is still not at reach, maybe it’s time to call or message us, Blue Sky Heating and Air, LLC at this number (512 ) 222-6666. We are willingly here to help you get the comfort you deserve!

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